Wen-yan Jiang

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An economical method for the conversion of lignocellulosic biomass is to use plants as bioreactors for cellulases production. Two bacterial thermostable cellulases (E2 and E3) and a E3-E2 fusion form were expressed in tobacco, driven by a double 35S promoter and 5′ TEV-UTL. The enzymes were targeted to the apoplast and cytosol via 5′ signal peptides and 3′(More)
OBJECTIVE The recruitment and commitment of mesenchymal stem cells and their terminal differentiation into adipocytes are the main pathways for increasing adipocyte cell numbers during obesity. Our previous studies have shown that lysyl oxidase (Lox) is upregulated and functions as an essential factor during bone morphogenetic protein 4 (BMP4) -induced(More)
The integration of signals involved in deciding the fate of mesenchymal stem cells is largely unknown. We used proteomics profiling to identify RhoGDIβ, an inhibitor of the small G-protein Rho family, as a component that regulates commitment of C3H10T1/2 mesenchymal stem cells to the adipocyte or smooth muscle cell lineage in response to bone morphogenetic(More)
OBJECTIVE To probe into an effective method for treatment of endometriosis (EMs) and the mechanism. METHODS Rat EMs model was established and they were randomly divided into a model group, an acup-moxibustion group, a TCM group, an acupuncture and medicine group, with a control group set. The acup-moxibustion group were treated with electroacupuncture at(More)
Biologically active peptides and proteins are novel agents that show promise in the development of anticancer drugs. Their relatively low cell permeability and poor tumor selectivity, however, impede their widespread applicability. In this study, we evaluated the tumor selectivity, cellular internalization, and biological activity of a cell-permeable(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate treatment effects of lentivirus mediated RhoA short hairpin RNA (shRNA) on xenograft tumor of ovarian cancer in nude mice in vivo and the underlying mechanism. METHODS Human ovarian cancer cell line HO8910 were inoculated to establish subcutaneous xenograft model of human ovarian cancer. Tumor-bearing nude mice were assigned(More)
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