Wen-xiang Li

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to cope with the problem of energy saving in MANET, we propose a signal-strength-based, graded power control method that operates at MAC layer. By considering the effect of signal fading from realistic environment, and adding processing functions for an array of recently incoming packets at physical layer and MAC layer, nodes can adaptively choose the(More)
Replication technique is an effective method for improving the availability of data and enhancing performance, however, it also brings significant costs in storage space and traffic. In this paper, we study how to decrease redundant traffic cost and redundant replicas for replication in structured P2P overlay by topology optimization. We develop a(More)
For scheduling services with different features and Qos constraints, this paper proposes a hybrid scheduling strategy, in which delay-sensitive services are granted preemptive priority and non-delay-sensitive services are granted non-preemptive priority. Theoretical analysis verified that preemptive scheme results in longer waiting length of queue.
To deal with problems such as load imbalance, topology mismatch and network instability for P2P systems, propose the method of implementing the functions of message routing and service index maintenance on different layers. Design algorithms for building clusters and hierarchical overlay, and propose an analytic model of traffic load for evaluation.(More)
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