Wen-xian Zhang

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Effects of oxygen concentration within 21-100% in gaseous phase on the morphology and ganoderic acids (GAs) production by Ganoderma lucidum in liquid static culture were studied. A higher oxygen concentration increased individual GAs production, and more spores and higher total GA content were obtained at an oxygen level of 80%.
Liquid static cultivation of Ganoderma lucidum was previously found to be very efficient for improving the production of its valuable antitumor compound ganoderic acid (GA) (Fang and Zhong in Biotechnol Prog 18:51-54, 2002). In this work, effects of oxygen concentration within the range of 21-100% (v/v) in the gaseous phase on the mycelia growth, GA(More)
Small-diameter vascular grafts can easily lead to thrombosis and intimal hyperplasia. So the rate of the long-term patency is not satisfactory. Scaffolds that can support the growth of cells and remain stable and passable in vivo are in great demand. Vascular scaffolds were fabricated by electrospinning RGD-recombinant spider silk protein (pNSR32),(More)
We experimentally investigate the protection of electron spin coherence of a nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centre in diamond by dynamic nuclear spin polarization (DNP). The electron spin decoherence of an NV centre is caused by the magnetic field fluctuation of the (13)C nuclear spin bath, which contributes large thermal fluctuation to the centre electron spin when(More)
Dragline spider silk produced from Nephilia clavipes major ampullate is a natural fibrous protein with specific mechanical properties such as high tensile strength and elasticity. Synthetic gene monomer encoding recombinant spider silk protein, based on the known repetitive protein sequence and partial cDNA sequence of dragline silk, was constructed and(More)
Simply supported slab bridges are used extensively in China. How to make them stand firmly when they encounter a great earthquake is necessary. With a conclusion of seismic hazard feature of simply supported slab bridges and Midas/civil, this paper studies the seismic behavior of a simply supported skew slab bridge in Wenchan, county Sichuan province and(More)
We have developed a novel silicon microchannel system for the research of the red blood cell rheology and deformation. Recurring to many kinds of information technologies and advanced test means such as the electronic microscope, the image acquisition system and the computer processing system and by using the up-to-date Micro Electro Mechanical System(More)
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