Wen-rui Yang

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Abstract A field survey was conducted in a contaminated industrial site of southern Beijing, China to investigate the contents and distribution of the organochlorine pesticides (alpha-, beta-, gamma-, delta-HCH, p,p'-DDT, p,p'-DDE, p,p'-DDD and o,p'-DDT) in the profiles of soil, and a health risk assessment was carried out with CalTOX multimedia exposure(More)
With rapid industrialization and urbanization in the Yangtze Delta, China, the tropospheric ozone concentration has increased to levels that induce crop yield loss. Rice, a widely grown crop in China, was investigated in field-established, open-top chambers. Four treatments were used: charcoal-filtered air (CF), non-charcoal-filtered air (NF), and(More)
There are many difficulties in ascertaining the area that needs to be remedied in contaminated site. This paper integrated the experts' judgments with grids as the sampling strategy in an abandoned pesticide plant in northern China, and applied a geostatistical method, inverse distance weighted interpolation (IDW), to simulate the pollutants- and risk(More)
Aiming at the ecological characters of the cities in central and west China, several ecological sanitary (ecosan) technologies with different adaptability were integrated, and five adaptive optimized technologies were established. The environmental effects, resources recyclable potential, economic benefits, management difficulties, and public acceptance of(More)
BACKGROUND T-cell large granular lymphocyte leukemia (T-LGLL) is a rare disorder characterized by clonal proliferation of large granular lymphocytes (commonly CD3+/CD8+/CD57+). However, the available data regarding the optimal treatment for relapsed/refractory T-LGLL patients are limited. METHODS We retrospectively reviewed 10 patients treated with(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the value of serum soluble transferrin receptor (sTfR) concentration in predicting early response to immunosuppressive therapy (IST) in severe aplastic anemia (SAA). METHODS Clinical data and hematologic responses of 140 SAA patients treated with rabbit antithymocyte globulin (rATG) combination with cyclosporine in our hospital were(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify the characteristics of chronic natural killer cell lymphocytosis (CNKL). METHODS The clinical data of eight cases defined by the World Health Organization classification was retrospectively analyzed and related literatures were reviewed. RESULTS Half of the 8 patients were asymptomatic. Among them, the most common abnormalities(More)
Ecological risk is a hotspot in the present environmental management study, which mainly focuses on the chemical, physical, and biological stressors that may damage ecosystem or its components. Ecological risk assessment (ERA) has a great significance for making scientific environmental management strategies. In order to lessen the damage of ecosystem or(More)
OBJECTIVE Presenting the clinical features of one patient with CD4⁺/CD8⁻ T-cell large granular lymphocytic leukemia, to improve the understanding of the disease. METHODS Clinical data of one patient hospitalized for skin rush and leukocytosis were analyzed, and the related literatures were reviewed. RESULTS The patient was hospitalized for skin rush and(More)