Wen-juan Ouyang

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Aggregates of an amphiphilic monoboronic acid bearing a hydrophobic pyrene fluorophore were employed for highly modulating, sensitive, and selective ratiometric fluorescent sensing of glucose in aqueous solution. The selectivity for glucose was improved by "knock-out" binding of fructose by phenylboronic acid.
Triphenyltin (TPhT) is a kind of organotin compounds which have been used ubiquitously as herbicide, pesticide, and fungicide in agriculture. The present study provides the possibility to detect and monitor TPhT with normal Raman spectroscopy and surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) spectroscopy. Firstly, the complete vibrational Raman spectra(More)
An advanced wastewater treatment process (SIPER) was developed to simultaneously decrease sludge production, prevent the accumulation of inorganic solids, recover phosphorus, and enhance nutrient removal. The feasibility of simultaneous enhanced nutrient removal along with sludge reduction as well as the potential for enhanced nutrient removal via this(More)
The water quality security of the Three Gorges Reservoir during different operating periods has been a subject of recent concern. This study is the first to report the spatiotemporal variability of organotins (OTs) in surface water under dynamic water level conditions in the Three Gorges Reservoir Region (TGRR). TGRR surface water was collected during three(More)
Binding of the fluoride ion triggers aggregation of a pyreneboronic acid-catechol ensemble in acidic aqueous solutions, giving rise to intense excimer emission, allowing for sensitive fluoride ion sensing at ppm levels, with an apparent fluoride binding constant higher than 10(3) M(-1) which is unprecedented for boronic acid sensors in water.
Ordered honeycomb microporous films have previously been fabricated from polymeric macromolecules. We report here the successful fabrication of them from the supramolecular self-assembly of small molecules, alkylated guanosine derivatives. The ribbonlike self-assembly of the guanosines in CHCl3 is found to be the intrinsic structure that forms regular(More)
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