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The reproductive toxicity of environmental endocrine disruptors has attracted substantial attention from researchers in recent years. Bisphenol A (BPA) is among the most prominent environmental estrogens worldwide, demonstrated to be related with the impairment of male reproductive function as well as other health problems, such as diabetes, obesity,(More)
The adjustment of the industrial structure in metropolis emergency water source reserve correlates the safety of drinking water. The industrial agglomeration is an important basis for the adjustment of the industrial structure and layout. Taking the manufacturing industries in Pinggu District, Beijing City as an example, and using three indicators, which(More)
Tuber formation of potato is a complex biological process and is regulated by many factors including phytochrome, hormones, transcription factors, RNAs, microRNAs, etc. In our previous study, CYP707A1, an ABA 8′-hydroxylase gene, was down-regulated in the StCOL antisense transgenic potato stolons, but its relation with potato tuberization has not been(More)
BACKGROUND Aromatase deficiency is a rare autosomal recessive disorder that is caused by an impairment of androgen conversion to estrogens. Affected 46, XX individuals generally present with virilization of external genitalia at birth and mutations in CYP19A1 gene. OBJECTIVE This study described the clinical features and molecular basis of a Chinese 46,(More)
Lycopene b-cyclase (LCYb) is involved in the first step of the β-branch synthetic pathway of carotenoids from lycopene in plants. In this study, to explore the possibility of regulating β-carotene synthesis via the β-branch-specific pathway in potato, StLCYb gene was first isolated from potato cultivar Désirée, and its open reading frame was 1503 bp long(More)
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