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Symbolic data analysis is a new data mining technology. Interval number is a most important type of symbolic data. An interval number can be seen as an ordered pair composed of its center and radius, where the radius can be considered as its limit error. A factor analysis is firstly performed on the center sample data matrix, from which the center factor(More)
For the gas well with high H2S content,the process of sulfur deposition including the sulfur dissolution, precipitation, migration and deposition is a quite complex process. Relative to the solubility of sulfur under certain temperature and the pressure, the sulfur will be separated out when the content of sulfur in high sour gas is surpassed. Based on the(More)
As a new kind of data mining method, symbolic data analysis (SDA) can not only decrease the computational complexity of huge data, but also master the property of the sample integrally by data package technology. Interval number is one of the most important types of symbolic data. Previous studies assumed each individual to be uniformly distributed within(More)
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