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As the number of simultaneously active groups increases, IP multicast suffers from scalability problem. In backbone networks, the state scalability problem is even more serious. In this paper, we propose a novel scheme, called AMBTS, which uses the concept of aggregated multicast, and employs tree splitting before aggregating. We design an algorithm to(More)
Much recent work has focused on improving AQM performance through expediting response time. In this paper we explore the impact of propagation delay and topology on AQM, discuss the question "faster the AQM controller responds, better it is?" We show that sometimes the fast responsive AQM controller leads to reduced link utilization and higher queue(More)
High speed networks with long distance present a unique environment where TCP have a problem under-utilizing the bandwidth of bottleneck link. To remedy this problem, many proposals, such as window-based mechanisms (HSTCP and STCP), rate-based ones (Fast TCP) and router-assistant ones (XCP), have been suggested. The recent researches show that the buffer(More)
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