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Four new oleanene-type triterpenoid saponins together with six known saponins were isolated from the roots of Pulsatilla cernua and their structures were elucidated on the basis of spectroscopic data, including 2D NMR spectra and chemical evidence. Among these one of the aglycones (gypsogenin) is reported for the first time from this genus. Some of these(More)
A new type organic electroluminescent device with interinserting interface was fabricated. The basic structure of the device is ITO/NPB/Alq3/Al. By tailor-made template, the two interinserting interfaces were fabricated with NPB/Alq3 and Alq3/Al, respectively. The charge distribution on the interface and the electric field distribution in the organic layer(More)
A ligand 5,5'-methylene-bis(8-hydroxyquinoline)(Hqq) was synthesized by condensation reaction at low temperature and was subsequently coordinated to gallium ions to prepare the polymer of tis(5,5'-methylene-bis(8-hydroxyquinoline) gallium (Gaqq3)n. Both chemical structure and phase structure of the ligand and complexes were characterized by Infrared(More)
New heteroleptic tris-cyclometalated iridium(III) complexes (ppy)2 Ir(LX) (ppy==2-phenylpyridine, LX==Sal (salicylic acid), Msal (4-methylsalicylic acid), FSal(4-trifluoro methyl salicylic acid)) was synthesized and characterized. The molecular structure, photophysical properties and thermal stability were tested and analyzed. The results show that the(More)
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