Wen-ge Zhang

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Groundwater level has random characters because of influences factors of natural and anthropogenic. Study random prediction model of groundwater level on the basis of groundwater physical process analysis is important to groundwater appraisal. The theory of supporting vector machine based on small-sample machine learning theory is introduced into dynamic(More)
A set of automatically titrimetric system to monitor the hydrogen ion variation during biological wastewater treatment process in a batch bioreactor was developed, which consists of a batch bioreactor, data auto-acquisition and preservation unit, and titrant autodosing unit. The accuracy of measurement for the system was evaluated by measuring the(More)
In the title compound, C(19)H(16)N(4)S(4), the mol-ecules exhibit a butterfly conformation, where the thia-diazole and attached benzene rings in two wings are almost coplanar, with dihedral angles of 0.8 (3) and 0.9 (3)°, respectively, while the two thia-diazole rings form a dihedral angle of 46.3 (3)°.
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