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BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVES High dietary fibre intakes may protect against obesity by influencing colonic fermentation and the colonic microbiota. Though, recent studies suggest that increased colonic fermentation contributes to adiposity. Diet influences the composition of the gut microbiota. Previous research has not evaluated dietary intakes, body mass index(More)
Chronic stress is a known risk factor for both endothelial dysfunction and cardiovascular disease (CVD), but less is known of how acute mental stress affects the vasculature. In this systematic review and meta-analysis, we analyzed the impact of acute mental stress on flow-mediated dilation (FMD), an indicator of endothelial function. We searched the(More)
BACKGROUND Cardiac sympathetic denervation is found in various cardiac pathologies; however, its relationship with myocardial injury has not been thoroughly investigated. METHODS Twenty-four rats were assigned to the normal control group (NC), sympathectomy control group (SC), and a sympathectomy plus mecobalamin group (SM). Sympathectomy was induced by(More)
AIMS We tested whether anger affects the balance between endothelium-derived vasodilators and vasoconstrictors in spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHRs). METHODS Five endothelium-produced vasoactive factors (nitric oxide, prostacyclin, urotensin, endothelin and thromboxane B2) were measured in an established SHR behavioural model of anger, in "non-angry"(More)
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