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—The panchromatic (Pan) sharpening of multispectral (MS) bands is an important technique in the various applications of satellite remote sensing. This paper presents an MS Pan-sharpening method using the proposed multiscale mapped least-squares support vector machine (LS-SVM). Under the LS-SVM framework, the salient features underlying the image are(More)
With the development of numerous imaging sensors, many images can be simultaneously pictured by various sensors. However, there are many scenarios where no one sensor can give the complete picture. Image fusion is an important approach to solve this problem and produces a single image which preserves all relevant information from a set of different sensors.(More)
This paper investigates the frustrating problems of integration and interoperability of Building Automation and Control System (BACS) and presents two possible solutions on the basis of the hierarchy architecture of BACS. One is to employ a unified protocol for the three levels of the BACS networks. The other is the integration at management level. For the(More)
In association rule mining, the trade-off between avoiding harmful spurious rules and preserving authentic ones is an ever critical barrier to obtaining reliable and useful results. The statistically sound technique for evaluating statistical significance of association rules is superior in preventing spurious rules, yet can also cause severe loss of true(More)
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