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DNA double-strand breaks enhance homologous recombination in cells and have been exploited for targeted genome editing through use of engineered endonucleases. Here we report the creation and initial characterization of a group of rare-cutting, site-specific DNA nucleases produced by fusion of the restriction enzyme FokI endonuclease domain (FN) with the(More)
Selective gene duplicability, the extensive expansion of a small number of gene families, is universal. Quantitatively, the number of genes (P(K)) with K duplicates in a genome decreases precipitously as K increases, and often follows a power law (P(k)∝k-α). Functional diversification, either neo- or sub-functionalization, is a major evolution route for(More)
The aim of the present study was to explore protein expression profiles during cancer cell apoptosis induced by hyperthermia. A hyperthermia‑induced apoptosis model was established using a Tca8113 cell line derived from a human tongue squamous cell carcinoma, which underwent fluorescent differential display two‑dimensional (2D) gel electrophoresis at 2, 6,(More)
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