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Nonlinearity in macroscopic mechanical systems may lead to abundant phenomena for fundamental studies and potential applications. However, it is difficult to generate nonlinearity due to the fact that macroscopic mechanical systems follow Hooke's law and respond linearly to external force, unless strong drive is used. Here we propose and experimentally(More)
The characterktics of the irldium-based hemkphwkai mercury uitramlcrodectrode (Ha-UME) in conjunction with square-wave anodic stripping voltammetry (SWASV) have been Investigated. Udng Hg-UMEs of 5-10-pn~ radii, samples were analyzed without any added electrolyte, deoxygenatlon, or forced convectlon. The peak stripping currents displayed a linear(More)
iv Acknowledgements Firstly, I would like to thank my advisors Bayani Cardenas and Todd Caldwell for their guidance, insights, knowledge, mentoring, pressure, and above all, their patience. It was not an easy ride, but they were available to kindly assist me all along the way. I deeply appreciate all their work and cannot thank them enough. Additionally, I(More)
The last decade has seen clarifications of the underlying capillary physics behind stimulation of oil production by seismic waves and vibrations. Computational studies have prevailed, however, and no viscous hydrodynamic theory of the phenomenon has been proposed. For a body of oil en-trapped in a pore channel, viscosity effects are naturally incorporated(More)
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