Wen Yu

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Passivity method is very effective to analyze large-scale nonlinear systems with strong nonlinearities. However, when most parts of the nonlinear system are unknown, the published neural passivity methods are not suitable for feedback stability. In this brief, we propose a novel sliding mode learning algorithm and sliding mode feedback passivity control. We(More)
This paper analyzed live pig production, consumption and price, and proposed the monitor system and the early warning mechanism. It is indicated that the study has a theoretical and practical significance in this area in China. In the view of the unusual fluctuation in the current live pig and its product prices, we carried out more works in live pig risk(More)
—This paper presents a visual servo controller designed to keep multiple moving objects in the field of view of a wheeled mobile robot. A set of task-functions are presented based on the distribution of targets in the image. The task functions are are regulated through the mobile robot's velocity inputs to deter targets from leaving the field of view.(More)