Wen Yu

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The performance of traditional classifier skews towards the majority class for imbalanced data, resulting in high misclassification rate for minority samples. To solve this problem, a combination classification algorithm based on outlier detection and C4.5 is presented. The basic idea of the algorithm is to make the data distribution balance by grouping the(More)
This paper proposes a methodology to improve the reusability of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software using a program family approach. The usability and the maintainability are significant problems for a developer trying to properly reuse FEA software. Usability is promoted via systematically defined goals, assumptions, theoretical and computational(More)
Xuebijing injection (XBJ) has long been used to treat infectious diseases in China. The therapeutic effect of XBJ is probably associated with anti-inflammatory effects. However, the precise mechanisms responsible for the effects of XBJ remain unknown. The present study was conducted in order to evaluate the protective effects of XBJ in a rat model of(More)