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Empirical likelihood method for linear transformation models
Empirical likelihood inferential procedure is proposed for right censored survival data under linear transformation models, which include the commonly used proportional hazards model as a specialExpand
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Modeling and Control of Wind Turbine
In recent years, the energy production by wind turbines has been increasing, because its production is environmentally friendly; therefore, the technology developed for the production of energyExpand
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Dynamic Model of a Wind Turbine for the Electric Energy Generation
A novel dynamic model is introduced for the modeling of the wind turbine behavior. The objective of the wind turbine is the electric energy generation. The analytic model has the characteristic thatExpand
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An approach for accurately retrieving the vertical deformation component from two-track InSAR measurements
ABSTRACT As is well known, both conventional differential synthetic aperture radar interferometry (D-InSAR) and multi-temporal synthetic aperture radar interferometry (MT-InSAR) have a commonExpand
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Empirical Likelihood Method for Censored Median Regression Models
Based on the semiparametric median regression analysis for the right-censored data developed by Ying et al. (1995), an empirical likelihood based inferential procedure for the regression coefficientsExpand
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An empirical likelihood approach to data analysis under two-stage sampling designs
A new empirical likelihood approach is developed to analyze data from two-stage sampling designs, in which a primary sample of rough or proxy measures for the variables of interest and a validationExpand
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Nonlinear observer-based tracking control for induction motors
  • J. Yang, Wen Yu, L. Fu
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  • Proceedings of American Control Conference - ACC…
  • 29 June 1994
Proposes a nonlinear observer-based controller for induction motors using skew-symmetrical property of induction motors. Expand
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Wavelet Analysis of Change Points in Nonparametric Hazard Rate Models Under Random Censorship
In this article, we consider detection and estimation of change points in nonparametric hazard rate models. Wavelet methods are utilized to develop a testing procedure for change points detection.Expand
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Empirical likelihood method for multivariate Cox regression
A unified empirical likelihood approach for three Cox-type marginal models dealing with multiple event times, recurrent event times and clustered event times is proposed. Expand
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