Wen-Yu Chou

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BACKGROUND Diabetes is one of the most common chronic illnesses worldwide. This study was to assess whether the incidence risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus between female nurses and female non-nurses. METHODS Study data were obtained from the Longitudinal Health Insurance Research Database, and nurses were sampled from the Registry for medical personnel.(More)
AIM Multidisciplinary care (MDC) for patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) may help to optimize disease care and improve clinical outcomes. Our study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of pre-end-stage renal disease (ESRD) patients under MDC and usual care in Taiwan. METHOD In this 3-year retrospective observational study, we recruited 822 ESRD(More)
BACKGROUND Nursing professionals have received comprehensive medical education and training. However, whether these medical professionals exhibit positive patient care attitudes and behaviors and thus reduce mortality risks when they themselves are diagnosed with chronic diseases is worth exploring. This study compared the mortality risks of female nurses(More)
BACKGROUND According to Taiwan's integrated delivery system policy, ventilator-dependent patients are successfully liberated from mechanical ventilation in accordance with step-down care. However, premature discharge affects the 14-d readmission quality index. Therefore, we explored the risk and related factors of subjects liberated from mechanical(More)
Over the course of a year, more than 20,000 patients in Taiwan require prolonged mechanical ventilation (PMV). Data from the National Health Insurance Research Database for patients between 2005 and 2011 were used to conduct a retrospective analysis on ventilator dependence. The study subjects were PMV patients aged <17 years in Taiwan. A multiple(More)
OBJECTIVES As professional medical caregivers, nurses have extensive medical knowledge and information than general population. However, they may use their professional knowledge and networks to seek prompt health services. In this study, we aimed to determine susceptibility of nurses with diabetes to developing end-stage renal disease requiring dialysis(More)
BACKGROUND Breast and cervical cancer are the most common cancers affecting women. The symptom distresses experienced by cancer survivors are critical factors influencing their quality of life (QOL). This study investigated the QOL of breast and cervical cancer survivors, their physical, psychological and social conditions. METHODS The participants were(More)
BACKGROUND Previous studies have demonstrated that multidisciplinary pre-dialysis education and team care may slow the decline in renal function for chronic kidney disease (CKD). Our study compared clinical outcomes of CKD patients between multidisciplinary care (MDC) and usual care in Taiwan. METHODS In this 3-year prospective cohort study from 2008 to(More)
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