Wen-Yo Lee

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Because neurosurgery and orthopedic surgery often require the drilling of bones, this paper attempts to solve the problem of bone drilling. The goal is to realize a control system, which is able to drill with a contact drilling force and can automatically stop drilling at the moment of breaking through. In particular, both the de drilling mntor control and(More)
—Recently, the multipliers with subquadratic space complexity for trinomials and some specific pentanomials have been proposed. For such kind of multipliers, alternatively, we use double basis multiplication which combines the polynomial basis and the modified polynomial basis to develop a new efficient digit-serial systolic multiplier. The proposed(More)
This paper presents a time‐invariant feedback controller that simultaneously regulates the ZMP (zero‐moment point) position and the joint configuration of a 3D biped in order to achieve an asymptotically, periodic walking gait for a 3D bipedal robot with feet. The cyclic walking gait is composed of a successive single‐support phase and an impulsive impact(More)
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