Wen-Yi Lin

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This paper presents a hybrid design, featuring a traditional GaAs-based solar cell combined with various colloidal quantum dots. This hybrid design effectively boosts photon harvesting at long wavelengths while enhancing the collection of photogenerated carriers in the ultraviolet region. The merits of using highly efficient semiconductor solar cells and(More)
Peginterferon/ribavirin provides a substantially high treatment efficacy for chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infections in Asians. Whether the clinical efficacy can be translated to community effectiveness remains unclear. The disease awareness, treatment accessibility, recommendations, acceptance, and barriers to anti-HCV treatment were explored to clarify(More)
Facial expressions are fundamental emotional stimuli as they convey important information in social interaction. In everyday life a face always appears in complex context. Scenes which faces are embedded in provided typical visual context. The aim of the present study was to investigate the processing of emotional conflict between facial expressions and(More)
Occupational exposure to welding fumes causes a higher incidence of cardiovascular disease; however, the association remains unclear. To clarify the possible association, exposure assessment of metal fumes with an aerodynamic diameter of <2.5 μm (PM2.5) in welding and office areas was characterized in a shipyard in Taiwan. Cardiovascular toxicity caused by(More)
This paper studies a single machine scheduling problem with time-dependent learning and setup times. Time-dependent learning means that the actual processing time of a job is a function of the sum of the normal processing times of the jobs already scheduled. The setup time of a job is proportional to the length of the already processed jobs, that is,(More)
Metals cause nephrotoxicity with acute and/or chronic exposure; however, few epidemiological studies have examined impacts of exposure to metal fumes on renal injury in welding workers. In total, 66 welding workers and 12 office workers were recruited from a shipyard located in southern Taiwan. Urine samples from each subject were collected at the beginning(More)
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