Wen-Yi Lin

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A wavelength-division-multiplexing (WDM) visible light communiction (VLC) system employing red and green laser pointer lasers (LPLs) with directly modulating data signals is proposed and experimentally demonstrated. With the assistance of preamplifier and adaptive filter at the receiving sites, low bit error rate (BER) at 10 m/500 Mbps operation is obtained(More)
Suspended micro-beams made from aligned carbon nanotubes and parylene deflect reversibly in an ac field and the deflection rate is three orders of magnitude greater than those for existing devices. The direction of beam deflection is determined by the area moment of inertia and the actuation mechanism involves rapid accumulation of charges at tube surfaces,(More)
A novel transport system, with directly modulating community antenna television (CATV) signal downstream and phase-remodulating radio-over-fiber (ROF) signal upstream, is proposed and experimentally demonstrated. By modulating multi-carriers CATV signal in amplitude domain and ROF signal in phase domain, a single optical wavelength is able to serve these(More)
Coating of h-BN onto carbon nanotubes induces polarization at interfaces, and charges become localized at N and C atoms. Field emission of coated tubes is found to be highly stable, and current density fluctuates within 4%. Study further reveals that the electric field established between coatings and tubes facilitates charge transfer across interfaces and(More)
A bidirectional fiber optical CATV transport system employing phase modulation (PM) scheme and frequency up-conversion technique to deal with downstream CATV signals, and using light injection-locked distributed feedback laser diode (DFB LD) as a duplex transceiver at the receiving site is proposed and experimentally demonstrated. With optimum injection(More)