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One of the major issues for Markowitz mean–variance model is the errors in estimations cause ‘‘corner solutions’’ and low diversity in the portfolio. In this paper, we compare the mean–variance efficiency, realized portfolio values, and diversity of the models incorporating different entropy measures by applying multiple criteria method. Differing from(More)
A lot of musical toys (e.g., toy guitars, toy drums and percussion) can provide a good introduction to musical instruments and give children high entertainment. Via playing an instrument toy, children can sense and practice what kinds of physical movements (e.g., fingers and/or mouths) they need to play its corresponding actual instrument to produce sounds.(More)
How to deal with errors in estimating return and trading costs is a critical issue in portfolio management. In this paper, we investigate the over-time rebalancing benefits of the portfolio models that consider mean, variance, skewness, allowing short-sale, and transaction costs by incorporating fuzzy decision making. We apply multiple criterion method to(More)
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