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In this paper, we propose an adaptive method for the polygonal approximation of a digitized curve. Instead of setting a ÿxed length of support region in advance, the new method will compute the suitable length of support region for each point to ÿnd the best approximated curvature. The dominant points are identiÿed as the points with local maximum(More)
Detecting dominant points is an important step for shape representation. Most of dominant point detection methods attend to preset or find the region of support of each point. In this paper, we demonstrate an improved method for determining the region of support in the dominant point detection. Instead of setting the regions of support for points(More)
A two-stage string matching method for the recognition of two-dimensional (2-D) objects is proposed in this work. The first stage is a global cyclic string matching. The second stage is a local matching with local dissimilarity measure computing. The dissimilarity measure function of the input shape and the reference shape are obtained by combining the(More)
An efficient method for dominant point detection is proposed in this paper. The region of support for each point on curve is determined using bending value. The points with local maximum smoothing bending value can be located as the dominant points on the curve. The proposed algorithm needs no input parameter. The experimental results show that the new(More)
An automated visual printed circuit board (PCB) inspection is an approach used to counter difficulties occurred in human's manual inspection that can eliminates subjective aspects and then provides fast, quantitative, and dimensional assessments. Various concentrated work on detection of defects on printed circuit boards (PCBs) have been done, but it(More)
For the advantages of high I/O count and small size, ball grid array (BGA) package techniques have been developing very fast in recent years. In this paper, a vision-based algorithm was proposed. The BGA grayscale images captured by CCD camera, and some image processing methods were applied to segment and enhance the image of solder ball. Three kinds of(More)