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The residue of imidacloprid in the nectar and pollens of the plants is toxic not only to adult honeybees but also the larvae. Our understanding of the risk of imidacloprid to larvae of the honeybees is still in a very early stage. In this study, the capped-brood, pupation and eclosion rates of the honeybee larvae were recorded after treating them directly(More)
A two-stage string matching method for the recognition of two-dimensional (2-D) objects is proposed in this work. The first stage is a global cyclic string matching. The second stage is a local matching with local dissimilarity measure computing. The dissimilarity measure function of the input shape and the reference shape are obtained by combining the(More)
Various colors have been used as visual cues to trap insect pests. For example, yellow traps for monitoring and control of the oriental fruit fly (Bactrocera dorsalis) have been in use for a very long time. However, the chromatic cue of using color traps has never been meticulously investigated. In this study, the spectral sensitivities of the(More)