Wen-Ye Yuan

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Variants of the 350-family sequences were isolated from Dasypyrum villosum genomic DNA. Although the consensus sequence shared 86% homology to p380 and 84% homology to pHvNAU62 of D. villosum, a 63 bp long region including variable microsatellite repeat (TG)(7-9) was found to be absent in pHvNAU62 or much different from p380. This sequence also shared 67%(More)
A wild wheatgrass, Thinopyrum ponticum (2n = 10x = 70), which exhibits substantially higher levels of salt tolerance than cultivated wheat, was employed to transfer its salt tolerance to common wheat by means of wide hybridization. A highly salt-tolerant wheat line S148 (2n = 42) was obtained from the BC3F2 progenies between Triticum aestivum (2n = 42) and(More)
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