Wen Yan

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Coronary artery disease (CAD) is an immune-mediated chronic inflammatory disease mainly caused by atherosclerosis. The aims of this study were to investigate the role of interleukin-27 (IL-27) in patients with CAD and the severity of coronary artery lesions, which was evaluated by Gensini score and to investigate the biosynthesis of IL-27 and oxidized(More)
Leprosy is a disabling chronic infection, with insidious onset that often evades early detection. In order to detect new leprosy cases in a timely manner, we conducted surveillance visits in some difficult-to-reach mountain areas in South West China where the disease is still prevalent. Our data confirm that Chinese multibacillary (MB) leprosy patients have(More)
Pawlak recently introduced rough set flow graphs (RSFGs) as a graphical framework for reasoning from data. Each rule is associated with three coefficients, which have been shown to satisfy Bayes' theorem. Thereby, RSFGs provide a new perspective on Bayesian inference methodology. In this paper, we show that inference in RSFGs takes polynomial time with(More)
We show that a conditional probability table (CPT) is obtained after every multiplication and every marginalization step when eliminating variables from a discrete Bayesian network. The main advantage of our work is an improvement in presentation. The probability distributions constructed during variable elimination in Bayesian networks have always been(More)
We present an algorithm, called Semantics in Inference (SI), that uses d-separation to denote the semantics of every potential constructed during exact inference in discrete Bayesian networks. We establish that SI possesses four salient features, namely, polynomial time complexity, soundness, completeness, and strong completeness. SI provides a better(More)
The interactions between nanoparticles in high-temperature vapor-synthesis environments have important implications on their self-assembly into specific structures. We apply classical molecular dynamics (MD) simulations, with the Matsui-Akaogi interatomic potential, to study the interaction forces and the resulting dynamics between pairs of cooriented and(More)
The worm experimental environment is a pivotal foundation for the worm research. In this paper, with a comprehensive analysis of existing technologies for building worm experimental environment, including analytical model, packet-level simulation, network simulation, hybrid method, and so on, we present a novel virtual-real hybrid worm simulation model.(More)
Net (as opposed to random) motion of active matter results from an average swim (or propulsive) force. It is shown that the average swim force acts like a body force - an internal body force. As a result, the particle-pressure exerted on a container wall is the sum of the swim pressure [Takatori et al., Phys. Rev. Lett., 2014, 113, 028103] and the 'weight'(More)