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This paper presents a novel wireless Love-wave-based biosensor using a polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) waveguide and protein A receptor layers on a 41◦ YX LiNbO3 piezoelectric substrate for immunoglobulin G (IgG) detection. A 440 MHz reflective delay line composed of single-phase unidirectional transducers (SPUDTs) and three shorted grating reflectors was(More)
In this paper, we present a novel microelectromechanical system-interdigital transducer (MEMS-IDT) surface acoustic wave (SAW) gyroscope with an 80MHz central frequency on a 128 YX LiNbO3 wafer. The developed MEMS-IDT gyroscope is composed of a two-port SAW resonator, a dual delay line oscillator, and metallic dots. The SAW resonator provides a stable(More)
This paper presents an optimized design on surface acoustic wave (SAW)-based pressure sensor, which is composed of a broadband reflective delay line and a bond substrate underneath the diaphragm. Using the equivalent circuit model (ECM), the SAW device was simulated, and the effect of inter-digital transducer structure, acoustic aperture and number of(More)
This paper presents a pressure sensor based on 2.4 GHz surface acoustic wave (SAW) reflective delay line on a 41deg YX LiNbO<sub>3</sub> substrate. Coupling of modes (COM) modeling and finite element method (FEM) were used to extract the optimal design parameters. Based on the simulation results, the SAW device with bar type reflectors was fabricated by(More)
A 440-MHz wireless and passive surface acoustic wave ͑SAW͒ microsensor was developed for simultaneous measurement of CO 2 and relative humidity ͑RH͒. The developed SAW microsensor was composed of SAW reflective delay lines structured by an interdigital transducer ͑IDT͒ and several shorted grating reflectors, CO 2 , and water vapor-sensitive films. A(More)
We developed a 440 MHz surface acoustic wave wireless gas senor for CO<sub>2</sub> detection and wireless measurement system. The sensor consists of a SAW reflective delay line structured by single phase unidirectional transducers (SPUDTs) and three shorted grating reflectors, and a Teflon AF 2400 thin film sensitive to CO<sub>2</sub> gas deposited onto(More)
This paper presents a mechanical analysis on pressure sensitivity of a passive pressure sensor incorporating surface acoustic wave (SAW) reflective delay line (RDL) on 41deg-YX LiNbO<sub>3</sub>. The behavior of shear horizontal (SH) leaky type SAW propagating on pre-stressed LiNbO<sub>3</sub> substrate was investigated using partial-wave-analysis.(More)
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