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Interactions of trace metals and different marine food chains
In this paper, food chain transfer in different marine food chains (plank- tonic and benthic) is reviewed, and any potential biomagnification of metals is predicted using the simple kinetic equation.
Assimilation efficiencies of chemical contaminants in aquatic invertebrates: A synthesis
Assimilation efficiencies of contaminants from ingested food are critical for understanding chemical accumulation and trophic transfer in aquatic invertebrates. Assimilation efficiency is a
Trace metal contamination in estuarine and coastal environments in China.
Kinetic determinations of trace element bioaccumulation in the mussel, Mytilus edulis
Sensitivity analysis indicated that the total suspended solids load, which can affect mussel feeding activity, assimilation, and trace element concentration in the dissolved and particulate phases, can significantly influence metal bioaccumulation for particlereactive elements such as Ag and Am.
Assimilation of trace elements and carbon by the mussel Mytilus edulis: Effects of food composition
With the exception of Cr, AEs of elements increased with gut passage time, implying more efficient digestion-absorption when the element was retained longer in the digestive tract, in waters containing large mussel populations.