Wen-Xian Liang

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The title compound, [CdCl(2)(C(6)H(8)N(2))](n), is a coordination polymer prepared by the hydro-thermal reaction of cadmium chloride and o-diamino-benzene. The cadmium cation, located on an inversion center, is octa-hedrally coordinated by four Cl atoms at equatorial sites and two N atoms from two ligands at the axial sites. Cd atoms are bridged by Cl(More)
The crystal packing of the title compound, C(8)H(12)N(+)·ClO(4) (-), is stabilized by N-H⋯O hydrogen bonds, the protonated amine group acting as a hydrogen-bond donor with the perchlorate O atoms as acceptors. These connect neighbouring cations and anions, forming a two-dimensional network. Variable-temperature dielectric constant measurements on the salt(More)
The crystal structure of the title compound, C(6)H(10)N(2) (2+)·2Cl(-), has been reported previously in the non-standard setting P2(1)/a [Genet (1965 ▶). Bull. Soc. Fr. Miner. Crist.88, 463-470], with an R value of 0.16. The current redetermination improves significantly the precision of the geometric parameters. In the crystal packing, cations and anions(More)
In the crystal of the title compound, C(8)H(8)NO(4) (+)·NO(3) (-)·2H(2)O, the 5-ammonio-isophthalic acid cations, the nitrate anions and the water mol-ecules are linked by N-H⋯O, O-H⋯O and C-H ⋯O hydrogen bonds into a three-dimensional network. The structure is further stabilized by aromatic π-π stacking inter-actions, with centroid-centroid separations of(More)
In the title compound, C(9)H(11)N(2)O(4) (+)·ClO(4) (-), the organic cations form centrosymmetric dimers via a pair of O-H⋯O hydrogen bonds between the carboxyl groups. In the crystal, N-H⋯O inter-actions between the protonated amine group and the perchlorate anions and the nitro group connect the components into a two-dimensional network parallel to (001).
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