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Here we describe a reliable method for isolating genes that are differentially expressed in two cell populations. The method is a combination of subtractive hybridization and PCR. Among many improvements to previously described methods is the incorporation of a new technology into the procedure which sterilizes(inactivates) PCR amplicons, and thereby(More)
Membrane transporters play crucial roles in the fundamental cellular processes of living organisms. Computational techniques are very necessary to annotate the transporter functions. In this study, a multi-class K nearest neighbor classifier based on the increment of diversity (KNN-ID) was developed to discriminate the membrane transporter types when the(More)
The transcription factor (TF) binding signals play important role in the control of gene expression. In this study, to elucidate the relationship between the transcription factor binding signals and gene expression, we firstly analyze the distributions of 57 kinds of TFs' binding signals in human H1 embryonic stem cells. Their distributions in highly and(More)
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