Wen-Xia Su

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Membrane transporters play crucial roles in the fundamental cellular processes of living organisms. Computational techniques are very necessary to annotate the transporter functions. In this study, a multi-class K nearest neighbor classifier based on the increment of diversity (KNN-ID) was developed to discriminate the membrane transporter types when the(More)
Epigenetic factors are known to correlate with gene expression in the existing studies. However, quantitative models that accurately classify the highly and lowly expressed genes based on epigenetic factors are currently lacking. In this study, a new machine learning method combines histone modifications, DNA methylation, DNA accessibility, transcription(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the effect of Gli1 gene silencing by RNA interference (RNAi) on proliferation of K562 cells and its mechanisms. METHODS The small interference RNA (siRNA) was synthesized in vitro. K562 cells were transfected with Gli1 siRNA by the way of lipofection (lipofectamine 2000). Non-specific siRNA transfected cells were used as control.(More)
It is well known that histone modifications are associated with gene expression. In order to further study this relationship, 16 kinds of Chip-seq histone modification data and mRNA-seq data of the human embryonic stem cell H1 are chosen. The distributions of histone modifications in the regions flanking transcription start sites (TSSs) for highly expressed(More)
The transcription factor (TF) binding signals play important role in the control of gene expression. In this study, to elucidate the relationship between the transcription factor binding signals and gene expression, we firstly analyze the distributions of 57 kinds of TFs' binding signals in human H1 embryonic stem cells. Their distributions in highly and(More)
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