Wen-Ting Chen

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BACKGROUND Avian reovirus (ARV) is a member of the Orthoreovirus genus in the Reoviridae family. It is the etiological agent of several diseases, among which viral arthritis and malabsorption syndrome are the most commercially important, causing considerable economic losses in the poultry industry. Although a small but increasing number of reports have(More)
Receptor-binding and subsequent signal-activation of interleukin-1 beta (IL-1β) are essential to immune and proinflammatory responses. We mutated 12 residues to identify sites important for biological activity and/or receptor binding. Four of these mutants with mutations in loop 9 (T117A, E118K, E118A, E118R) displayed significantly reduced biological(More)
Based on the Legendre pseudospectral method, we propose a numerical treatment for pricing perpetual American put option with stochastic volatility. In this simple approach, a nonlinear algebraic equation system is first derived, and then solved by the Gauss–Newton algorithm. The convergence of the current scheme is ensured by constructing a test example(More)