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Different from the traditional signal sampling, compressive sensing can capture and represent compressible signal at a rate below the Nyquist rate, and it is possible to reconstruct signals accurately and sometimes even exactly from far fewer data than what is usually considered necessary via using an optimization process which has broad applications such(More)
Traditional image coding standards (such as JPEG and JPEG2000) make the decoded image suffer from many blocking artifacts or noises since the use of big quantization steps. To overcome this problem, we proposed an end-to-end compression framework based on two CNNs, as shown in Figure 1, which produce a compact representation for encoding using a third party(More)
Based on the survey and analysis of current status of VMS systems application in China, this paper makes innovative study on the information disseminating strategies of Intelligent Motorway Fog Information Dissemination System (IMFIDS) via connected VMS, and then brings forward detailed strategies for two conditions: road opening but visibility under 200(More)
Given a road network, a fundamental object of interest is the matrix of origin destination (OD) flows. Estimation of this matrix involves at least three sub-problems: (i) determining a suitable set of traffic analysis zones, (ii) the formulation of an optimisation problem to determine the OD matrix, and (iii) a means of evaluating a candidate estimate of(More)
In this paper, video cameras and data analysis technologies have been used to collect and analyze image data of bicyclists at two signalized intersections in Beijing. Statistical analysis and nonlinear regression methods were conducted to develop a new simulation model to represent the behavior of cyclists. Various characteristics and behaviors of cyclists(More)
Meter-level gap electromagnet permanent magnet levitation system has nonlinearity and large time-delay two major characteristics, the stability control of which can not be achieved with the traditional PID control strategy. This paper analyzes system performance with linearization dispose based balancing point of system model. In meter-level gap(More)
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