Wen-Tai Lin

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Spectra and influences of Rayleigh backscattering (RB) and stimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS) in the fiber-optic distributed disturbance sensor (FDDS) were investigated. Models of RB, double RB (DRB) and SBS in long fibers were established. By numerical simulation, it was found that optical signal-to-noise ratio is extraordinarily reduced due to SBS and(More)
Interfacial reactions of Co/Si0.76Ge0.24 and Co(Si0.76Ge0.24)/Si0.76Ge0.24 by pulsed KrF laser annealing as a function of energy density and pulse number were studied. For the Co/Si0.76Ge0.24 samples annealed at an energy density of 0.2–0.6 J/cm , three germanosilicide layers, i.e., amorphous structure and/or nanocrystal, Co(Si1−xGex), and Co(Si1−xGex)2,(More)
Room temperature oxidation of Cu3Ge films grown on Si, Si(0.85)Ge(0.15) and Si(0.52)Ge(0.48) substrates, respectively, at a temperature of 200-300 degrees C was studied using transmission electron microscopy (TEM) in conjunction with energy dispersive spectrometry (EDS) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). For Cu(3)Ge films grown at 200 degrees C and(More)
The Ag-catalyzed growth of straight Ge nanowires (GeNWs), serrated Ge nanobelts (GeNBs), and hexagonal Ge nanotowers (GeNTs) by thermal evaporation of Ge powder at 950 degrees C in Ar was studied. The growth of GeNWs and GeNBs at 550-600 degrees C followed the top-growth mode via the vapor-solid-solid process, while that of GeNTs at 700-750 degrees C(More)
The growth of porous ZnO nanowires (NWs) via phase transformation of ZnS NWs at 500-850 degrees C in air was studied. The ZnS NWs were first synthesized by thermal evaporation of ZnS powder at 1100 degrees C in Ar. On subsequent annealing at 500 degrees C in air, discrete ZnO epilayers formed on the surface of ZnS NWs. At 600 degrees C, polycrystalline ZnO(More)
DYNAMIC RECONFIGURATION OF INTERCONNECTION is important in today's multiprocessing computing systems. A reconfigurable network between processing elements is essential for systolic array, vector processing, or pipeline processing systems. This paper focuses on the development of a Link and INterconnection Chip (LINC), an interface chip optimized for(More)
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