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-In this paper, we designed and implemented an integrated circuit for contactless interface transmission system to conform the transfer protocol of ISO/IEC 144432 Type B. The system consists of two major parts, interrogator and transponder, for magnetic power and data transmission. The power and data can be transferred to the transponder synchronously from(More)
In this paper, we observe that the clock tree in a SoC is unbalanced in nature and derive that a RC clock tree has the characteristic of exact zero-skew upward propagation but not for an unbalanced RLC clock tree. Illustrated inductions are helped to prove the observation. We develop a zero-skew driven algorithm for constructing a RLC clock tree to minimize(More)
There is a general lack of CAD tools for real-time embedded software, thus we have developed a software synthesis tool with a graphical user interface for real-time embedded systems. We propose an Interrupt Time Petri Nets (ITPN) model for real-time embedded software requirements modeling. ITPN can handle both interrupt behavior and real-time constraints on(More)