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Varying degrees of isolated bladder neck obstruction of undetermined etiology were identified with micturitional vesicourethral static pressure profiles. Our experience with the urodynamic studies in 15 patients suggests that isolated bladder neck obstruction is a real entity in young adult males. Our experience also suggests that pharmacologic success with(More)
A novel model lipid bilayer membrane is prepared by the addition of phospholipid vesicles to alkanethiol monolayers on gold. This supported hybrid bilayer membrane is rugged, easily and reproducibly prepared in the absence of organic solvent, and is stable for very long periods of time. We have characterized the insulating characteristics of this membrane(More)
We describe a procedure for measuring the binding of small molecules to proteins by means of a dynamic ultrafiltration system. A continuous binding curve is obtained by continuously monitoring the absorbance of ultrafiltrate as a function of ultrafiltrate volume, and corrections are made for the retention of the small molecule by the membrane and the(More)
The Organic Electrochemistry Group at the National Bureau of Standards is pursuing several avenues of research of potential application to problems of clinical chemists. With one development, electrochemical detectors for liquid chromatography, organomercury species can be determined in biological tissues and other matrices. Spectroelectrochemistry is being(More)
Metastases from transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder usually progress in a stepwise fashion. We report that first case of metastasis to the body of the psoas muscle. No evidence of retroperitoneal lymphatic involvement or direct extension was identified. Furthermore, the original tumor was superficial but the history was complicated by perforation of(More)
There are no currently accepted synthetic ureteral substitutes. When faced with the need for ureteral replacement, the urologist must resort to pedicle grafts of intestine or bladder. Based on encouraging preliminary work in Europe, we have used a new synthetic vascular substitute, Gore-Tex, to replace segments of ureter in the dog. This material is made of(More)
Vesicourethral static pressure recordings were attempted in patients with detrusor urethral sphincter dyssynergia. The technique consisted of recording vesicourethral pressures at successive points, commencing in the lower segment of the bladder during micturition. A small catheter with side holes was used for this purpose and static (lateral) pressure(More)
We retrospectively reviewed the extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) and ureteroscopy experience relative to cost and efficacy of a group of practitioners skilled in the use of both procedures for the treatment of lower ureteral stones. Although the initial success rate was higher with ureteroscopy, no significant difference could be found in final(More)
The use of liposomes as detectable reagents in solid-phase immunoassays has been explored in a flow injection immunoanalysis (FIIA) system. Model calculations are presented for FIIA based on the competitive binding of univalent analyte and multivalent liposomes to immobilized antibodies. Parameters such as binding constants, concentrations of liposomes and(More)