Wen-Shyong Liou

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BACKGROUND/PURPOSE We know of no validated Taiwanese-language instrument to measure a utility of the patient's health. Our aim was to evaluate the reliability and validity of a Taiwanese version of the EuroQol instrument (EQ-5D) in a Taiwanese population. METHODS Questionnaires containing the Taiwanese versions of the EQ-5D and the Short-Form 12 Health(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the possible role of caspase-3 in retinal photic injury, and to investigate whether minocycline can ameliorate light-induced photoreceptor degeneration. METHODS Retinal photic injury was induced in rats by exposure to intense light. Expression of caspase-3 was studied using Western blot analysis, immunohistochemical staining and enzyme(More)
This study compared secondary prophylaxis treatment with on-demand treatment for severe haemophilia A in Taiwan. Fifty patients from one medical centre were evaluated over a 5-year period. Differences in annual bleed rates and factor VIII (FVIII) utilization were assessed between patients receiving secondary prophylaxis and patients receiving FVIII(More)
PURPOSE Hemophilia A and B (HA, HB) are the most common X-linked inherited bleeding disorders. The introduction of factor concentrates has allowed for control of the lifelong chronic disease. However, no studies have been published regarding the epidemiology of hemophilia in Taiwan. Our aim was to determine the prevalence, incidence, and mortality rate, as(More)
Wen-Shyong Liou, Ph.D., is Assistant Professor, School of Pharmacy, National Defense Medical Center, Taipei, and Assistant Professor, College of Pharmacy, China Medical University, Taichung; Taiwan, Republic of China. Address correspondence to Dr. Liou at the School of Pharmacy, National Defense Medical Center, Taipei, Taiwan (wlswlsgod@gmail. com). The(More)
OBJECTIVE This study aimed to explore whether physicians prescribe more brand-name oral hypoglycemic agents (OHA) for diabetic patients with medical training background (MP) than for general patients (GP). RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS A longitudinal analysis of 1,000,000 National Health Insurance cohorts of 1998-2008 was conducted. Univariate and(More)
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