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Incremental Nonnegative Matrix Factorization for Face Recognition
Nonnegative matrix factorization (NMF) is a promising approach for local feature extraction in face recognition tasks. However, there are two major drawbacks in almost all existing NMF-based methods.Expand
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Noisy image segmentation based on wavelet transform and active contour model
This article addresses the noisy image segmentation problems based on wavelet transform and active contour model. In order to get better results, this article proposes a new segmentation andExpand
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Detection and Recognition of Abnormal Running Behavior in Surveillance Video
Abnormal running behavior frequently happen in robbery cases and other criminal cases. In order to identity these abnormal behaviors a method to detect and recognize abnormal running behavior, isExpand
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Shannon Wavelet Kernel based Subspace LDA Approach in Face Recognition
Shannon wavelet kernel combining with subspace LDA (SWKSLDA) algorithm is developed. Expand
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Data Matrix Code Location Based on Finder Pattern Detection and Bar Code Border Fitting
The 2-D bar code possesses large capacity of data, strong ability for error correction, and high safety, which boosts the 2-D bar code recognition technology being widely used and developed fast.Expand
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A New Statistical Active Contour Model for Noisy Image Segmentation
This paper addresses the segmentation problem in noisy image based on Fast Edge Integration (FEI) method and proposes a new statistical active contour model (SACM). Expand
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Linear and Nonlinear Feature Extraction Approaches for Face Recognition
This chapter introduces recent progress and existing challenges in the area of face recognition (FR). Expand
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A Novel Regularized Locality Preserving Projections for Face Recognition
This paper proposed a novel supervised regularization LPP (RLPP) approach to address the singularity problem of classical LPP approach in face recognition. Expand
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An Efficient Off-line Electronic Cash System with Revocable Anonymity
Numerous anonymity revocation mechanisms have been proposed for off-line e-cash system in the last decade. Within this category of payment systems, two primary considerations are double-spendingExpand