Wen-Ren Yang

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This paper aims to explore the optimal Li-ion battery charging frequency by using AC impedance technique. The experiment proves that the optimal charging frequency is the point of the minimum AC impedance. In such a situation of the battery charged by the optimal charging frequency, the charging time and charging efficiency are improved above 30.68% and(More)
This paper presents an image processing approach that calculates the probe mark area on semiconductor wafer pads. The electrical characteristics of the chip pad must be tested using a probing needle before wire-bonding to the wafer. However, this test leaves probe marks on the pad. A large probe mark area results in poor adhesion forces at the bond ball of(More)
This paper presents optical design, proof-of-principle experiments, and post-signal processing for a wafer microcrack detection system. Cylindrical lens and Solid Immersion Lens (SIL) are used for the optical module. Near-field probe array is also investigated for future implementation. For post-signal processing, Probabilistic Neural Network (PNN) is used(More)
This paper presents an LLC series resonant high-frequency sinusoidal power supplier for contactless power transmission system utilizing the magnetizing inductance and the leakage inductance of contactless coupled transformer. The design of system's parameters is under 2mm air gap of contactless coupled transformer and utilizes microchip dsPIC30F4011 to(More)
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