Wen Qin Yu

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The mechanisms whereby prolonged plasma free fatty acids elevation, as found in obesity, causes hepatic insulin resistance are not fully clarified. We herein investigated whether inhibition of p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) prevented hepatic insulin resistance following prolonged lipid infusion. Chronically cannulated rats were subdivided into(More)
We have shown in rats that sodium salicylate (SS), which inhibits IkBa kinase B (IKKB), prevents hepatic and peripheral insulin resistance caused by short-term (7  h) i.v. administration of Intralipid and heparin (IH). We wished to further determine whether this beneficial effect of SS persisted after prolonged (48  h) IH infusion, which better mimics the(More)
Glycogen synthesis is a major component of the insulin response, and defective glycogen synthesis is a major portion of insulin resistance. Insulin regulates glycogen synthase (GS) through incompletely defined pathways that activate the enzyme through dephosphorylation and, more potently, allosteric activation. We identify Epm2aip1 as a GS-associated(More)
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