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Fairness plays a key role in explaining the emergence and maintenance of cooperation. Opponent-oriented social utility models were often proposed to explain the origins of fairness preferences in which agents take into account not only their own outcomes but are also concerned with the outcomes of their opponents. Here, we propose a payoff-oriented(More)
Recently it was shown that financial time series are not completely random process but exhibit long-term or short-term dependences, which offer promises for predictability. However, we do not clearly understand the potential relationship between serial structure and predictability. This paper proposed a framework to magnify the correlations and regularities(More)
A Constructive Algorithm to Prove P=NP Duan Wen-Qi (wenqiduan@vip.126.com) College of Economics and Management, Zhejiang Normal University, Jinhua, 321004, China Abstract: After reducing the undirected Hamiltonian cycle problem into the TSP problem with cost 0 or 1, we developed an effective algorithm to compute the optimal tour of the transformed TSP. Our(More)
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