Wen-Ping Chen

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EPON technology is being considered as a promising solution for next-generation broadband access network due to the convergence of low-cost equipments. To prevent data collision and ensure efficient transmission, a MAC protocol to share resource of upstream transmission medium is necessary. This article proposes a sort-based DBA algorithm that sorts all(More)
In this paper, a packet pre-classification media access control protocol based on a carrier sense multiple access with idle detection (CSMA/ID) scheme is investigated for supporting IP packets over all-optical WDM ring networks. The purpose of the protocol is to increase throughput and to decrease the packet transmission delay of IP packets over optical(More)
This paper proposes a novel and simple MAC protocol called beforehand bandwidth reservation (BBR) to reserve the empty slots in the next big-slot cycle for OBS ring networks by control channel. The node architecture uses one tunable transmitter and one fixed receiver to add or drop data channels and a fixed transmitter/receiver pair to transmit and receive(More)
Recently, the number of multimedia applications in the Internet has grown enormously, and massive IP packets of variable-length are being made. There is a vast bandwidth requirement at the backbone network, such as wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) metro ring networks, to satisfy the demand; however, most of the current WDM metro ring networks are(More)
`Abstract -In this paper, a packet pre-classification MAC (Media Access Control) protocol based on Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Avoidance (CSMA/CA) scheme has been investigated for supporting IP packet over the all-optical WDM ring networks. The intention of the protocol is to increase throughput of IP over optical networks in Metropolitan(More)
A novel media access control (MAC) protocol named carrier sense multiple access with idle detection (CSMA/ID) is proposed to handle variable-length packets over an all-optical ring network. To evaluate optimal utilization of channel bandwidth, we study packet scheduling based on three transmitting queue discipline (TQD) architectures and four idle space(More)
Main belt asteroid (300163) 2006 VW139 (later designated P/2006 VW139) was discovered to exhibit comet-like activity by the Pan-STARRS1 survey telescope using automated point-spread-function analyses performed by PS1’s Moving Object Processing System. Deep follow-up observations show both a short (∼ 10′′) antisolar dust tail and a longer (∼ 60′′) dust trail(More)
Primary transmission protection technology is based on the characteristics of SONET/SDH protection mechanism which provides two fiber path rings. A serious problem may arise in the architecture when two fiber links are simultaneously broken. Mesh protection networks can support many protection paths to address above issue, but the key components of optical(More)