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Most of the proposed cognitive radio sensor networks (CRSNs) are not really based on the IEEE 802.15.4. In this paper, we introduce the proposed IEEE 802.15.4 based zb-CRSN framework which can perform spectrum sensing in the inactive portion. The spectrum decision algorithm of first detected idle channel first (FDIC) and shorter idle time first (SITF) are(More)
—We propose a coordinated medium access control (MAC) protocol in dynamic spectrum access networks namely distributed coordinated dynamic spectrum reservation (DCDSR) protocol. All primary users (PUs) and secondary users (SUs) are equipped with two transceivers operating in a dedicated control channel and licensed data channels to transmit/receive control(More)
Handoff management is an important issue in mobile communications networks. The multi-carrier code divide multiple access (MC-CDMA) technique is currently recommended, since it significantly increases the total throughput of a network system. This work presents a novel queuing system to resolve the problem in which the handoff call dropping ratio and new(More)
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