Wen-Pei Tsai

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PURPOSE This study evaluates whether a short training program can improve nurses' abilities to recognize and effectively respond to patients exhibiting suicidal behavior. DESIGN AND METHODS The study is a randomized controlled trial. Ninety-eight nurses in the experimental group attended the regular monthly continuing education class and a 90-min(More)
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effects of the suicide awareness program (SAP) in enhancing community volunteers' awareness of suicide warning signs (SWSs). Seventy-six participants were recruited in this study to complete the Awareness of Suicide Warning Signs Questionnaire before and after they received a 90-minute SAP. After the educational(More)
The bigeye thresher (Alopias supercilious) is occasionally caught as bycatch in pelagic longline fisheries targeting tunas and swordfish. Still, it is one of the least known and studied of all pelagic sharks, which hinders assessment of the status of its populations. As part of an ongoing cooperative program for fisheries and biological data collection,(More)
The sergestid shrimp, Sergia lucens is one of the major marine resources in the waters off southwestern Taiwan. The maximum sustainable yield (MSY), total allowable catch (TAC) and fishing effort at MSY (EMSY) of the sergestid shrimp in this area were estimated to be 1008 tons, 907 tons and 11292 vessel-day, respectively by using the surplus production(More)
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