Wen-Nung Lie

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We propose in this paper a novel method for embedding multimedia data (including audio, image, video, or text; compressed or non-compressed) into a host image. The classical LSB concept is adopted, but with the number of LSBs adapting to pixels of diferent graylevels. A piecewise mapping function according to human visual sensitivity of contrast is used so(More)
In this paper, the techniques of event detection and semantic classification of baseball sport videos are investigated. Due to abundant motion information in sport videos, motion vectors are estimated, validated, and used to compute both the motion activity and camera motion parameters of a frame. Considering the domain-specific knowledge of baseball sport,(More)
A locally adaptive thresholding algorithm, concerning the extraction of targets from a given field of background, is proposed. Conventional histogram-based or global-type methods are deficient in detecting small targets of possibly low contrast as well. The present research is notable for solving the mentioned problems by introducing (1) shape connectivity(More)