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RFID (radio frequency identification) technologies are poised to revolutionize retail, warehouse and supply chain management. One of their interesting applications is to automatically detect missing tags (and the associated objects) in a large storage space. In order to timely catch any missing event such as theft, the detection operation may have to be(More)
The Internet has recently been evolving from homogeneous congestion control to heterogeneous congestion control. Several years ago, Internet traffic was mainly controlled by the traditional RENO, whereas it is now controlled by multiple different TCP algorithms, such as RENO, CUBIC, and Compound TCP (CTCP). However, there is very little work on the(More)
—RFID tags have many important applications in automated warehouse management. One example is to monitor a set of tags and detect whether some tags are missing — the objects to which the missing tags are attached are likely to be missing, too, due to theft or administrative error. Prior research on this problem has primarily focused on efficient protocols(More)
—Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology has many applications in inventory management, supply chain, product tracking, transportation and logistics. One research issue of practical importance is to search for a particular group of tags in a large-scale RFID system. Time efficiency is a core factor that must be taken into consideration when(More)
Introducing Clifford Algebra as the mathematical foundation, we proposed a unified multi-dimensional GIS data model, constructed by linking data objects of different dimensions within the multivector structure of Clifford algebra. Then, algorithms for geographical network analysis (such as shortest path, minimum unicom and maximum flow analysis) and(More)
—Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) technology has been adopted in many applications, such as inventory control, object tracking, theft prevention, and supply chain management. Privacy-preserving authentication in RFID systems is a very important problem. Existing protocols employ tree structures to achieve fast authentication. We observe that these(More)
A deletion mutation in the growth hormone receptor (GHR) gene results in the inhibition of skeletal muscle growth and fat deposition in dwarf chickens. We used microarray techniques to determine microRNA (miRNA) and mRNA expression profiles of GHR in the skeletal muscles of 14-day-old embryos as well as 7-week-old deletion-type dwarf and normal-type(More)
—RFID technology has many applications such as object tracking, automatic inventory control, and supply chain management. They can be used to identify individual objects or count the population of each type of objects in a deployment area, no matter whether the objects are passports, retail products, books or even humans. Most existing work adopts a " flat(More)
Keywords: Distributed rate adjustment protocol Multihop wireless networks Max–min fairness a b s t r a c t To promote commercial deployment of multihop wireless networks, the research/industry communities must develop new theories and protocols for flexible traffic engineering in these networks in order to support diverse user applications. This paper(More)