Wen-Ling Hsu

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As the dynamism of the environment increases, it becomes more difficult to distinguish between predic-tive and reactive behavior, so the need for a real-time system is felt (Burke and Prosser 1989). The scheduling objectives typically include meeting committed shipping dates of the orders, reducing the lead times and work-in-process (WIP) and finished goods(More)
With widespread adoption and growing sophistication of mobile devices, fraudsters have turned their attention from landlines and wired networks to cellular networks. While security threats to wireless data channels and applications have attracted the most attention, <i>voice-related fraud activities</i> also represent a serious threat to mobile users. In(More)
—Effective management of large-scale cellular data networks is critical to meet customer demands and expectations. Customer calls for technical support provide direct indication as to the problems customers encounter. In this paper, we study the customer tickets – free-text recordings and classifications by customer support agents – collected at a large(More)
—With rapid growth in smart phones and mobile data, effectively managing cellular data networks is important in meeting user performance expectations. However, the scale, complexity and dynamics of a large 3G cellular network make it a challenging task to understand the diverse factors that affect its performance. In this paper we study the RNC (Radio(More)
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