Wen-Ling Hsu

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Using heterogeneous data sources collected from one of the largest 3G cellular networks in the US over three months, in this paper we investigate the usage patterns of mobile data users. We observe that data usage across mobile users are highly uneven. Most of the users access data services occasionally, while a small number of heavy users contribute to a(More)
46 AI MAGAZINE well as react to, the situations (Ow and Smith 1988; Smith and Ow 1985). As the dynamism of the environment increases, it becomes more difficult to distinguish between predictive and reactive behavior, so the need for a real-time system is felt (Burke and Prosser 1989). The scheduling objectives typically include meeting committed shipping(More)
With widespread adoption and growing sophistication of mobile devices, fraudsters have turned their attention from landlines and wired networks to cellular networks. While security threats to wireless data channels and applications have attracted the most attention, <i>voice-related fraud activities</i> also represent a serious threat to mobile users. In(More)
Effective management of large-scale cellular data networks is critical to meet customer demands and expectations. Customer calls for technical support provide direct indication as to the problems customers encounter. In this paper, we study the customer tickets – free-text recordings and classifications by customer support agents – collected at a large(More)
With rapid growth in smart phones and mobile data, effectively managing cellular data networks is important in meeting user performance expectations. However, the scale, complexity and dynamics of a large 3G cellular network make it a challenging task to understand the diverse factors that affect its performance. In this paper we study the RNC (Radio(More)
In this paper, we study the Location-based Reporting Tool (LRT), a smartphone application for collecting large-scale feedback from mobile customers. Using one-year data collected from one of the largest cellular networks in the US, we compare LRT feedback to the traditional customer feedback channel -- customer care tickets. Our analysis shows that, due to(More)
Planning is commonly viewed as a task to devise a course of action or a plan that conforms as much as possible to a set of goals before acting. The plan will then be used to guide the activities. Most classic planning systems assume a static environment for the planning agents. In a static environment, states remain unchanged between actions, and the(More)
Internet is becoming the most indispensable component in our daily life. The innovation of new services, e.g., social network applications, blogs and twitter, video sharing, etc., have completely changed the way how people think and behave. As a consequence, staying connected is the primary demand from most of the people. To fulfill such a demand, various(More)