Wen Lik Dennis Lui

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— This paper presents a 6 degrees of freedom ego-motion estimation method using Iterative Closest Point (ICP) for low cost and low accuracy range cameras such as the Microsoft Kinect. Instead of Euclidean coordinates, the method uses inverse depth coordinates which better conforms to the error characteristics of raw sensor data. Novel inverse depth(More)
Different image processing approaches are presented that are candidates for the Monash Vision Group prosthetic vision device. As described in a companion paper [6], the Monash Vision Group is developing a bionic eye based on the implantation of 7-11 stimulation tiles on the primary visual cortex of the brain. In the lead up to an expected 2014 first inhuman(More)
Currently, most implanted visual prosthetic systems generate vision by translating sensor data from a headworn camera into electrical stimulation of the human vision system. Unfortunately , the resulting bionic vision has low spatial resolution and limited dynamic range. This dramatically reduces the usefulness of bionic vision in many real world scenarios.(More)
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