Wen-Li Hu

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BACKGROUND The ER chaperone GRP78/BiP is a homolog of the Hsp70 family of heat shock proteins, yet GRP78/BiP is not induced by heat shock but instead by ER stress. However, previous studies had not considered more physiologically relevant temperature elevation associated with febrile hyperthermia. In this report we examine the response of GRP78/BiP and(More)
Artemisia annua, an annual herb used in traditional Chinese medicine, produces a wealth of monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes, including the well-known sesquiterpene lactone artemisinin, an active ingredient in the treatment for malaria. Here we report three new monoterpene synthases of A. annua. From a glandular trichome cDNA library, monoterpene synthases of(More)
We isolated a 2-alkenal reductase (AaAER) gene from Artemisia annua L. cDNA library through homologous cloning strategy. Enzymatic properties of AaAER, including substrate selectivity, enzyme kinetics, and key factors affecting enzyme activity, were characterized in vitro. We found that AaAER mainly functions in catalyzing the reduction of adjacent straight(More)
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