Wen-Jun Zeng

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—A family of algorithms, named-MUSIC, for direction of arrival (DOA) estimation in impulsive noise is proposed. The-MUSIC estimator adopts the-norm of the residual fitting error matrix as the objective function for subspace decomposition, rather than the Frobenius norm that is used in the conventional MUSIC method. Although the matrix-norm minimization(More)
A new signal-selective direction finding algorithm which exploits the property of the cyclostationarity of incoming signals is proposed. After dimensionality reducing by projecting the observed array data onto the signal subspace, the array manifold matrix is identified by the simultaneous diagonal-ization structure of the matrix pencil consisting of the(More)
—In this paper, a robust linear programming beam-former (RLPB) is proposed for non-Gaussian signals in the presence of steering vector uncertainties. Unlike most of the existing beamforming techniques based on the minimum variance criterion, the proposed RLPB minimizes the ℓ∞-norm of the output to exploit the non-Gaussianity. We make use of a new definition(More)