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The facility location problem has been studied in many industries including banking network, chain stores, and wireless network. Maximal covering location problem (MCLP) is a general model for this type of problems. Motivated by a real-world banking facility optimization project, we propose an enhanced MCLP model which captures the important features of(More)
Diverse knowledge and techniques are required in retail store network planning (RSNP), which involves indispensable and interdependent strategic decision processes such as performance evaluation, trade area analysis, market potential forecasting and retail network optimization. On the one hand, these processes are often tightly related and need to be(More)
It is critical for retail enterprises to select good sites or locations to open their stores, especially in current competitive retail market. However, evaluating the goodness of sites in real business applications is a complex problem. That is, how to judge whether the market around a store site is good? We don't know the exact mechanism of how a site can(More)
In this paper, we consider the optimization of service rates in queueing systems, especially in closed Jackson networks. The optimization criterion is the customer-average performance, which is another important performance metric compared with the traditional time-average performance. Based on the methodology of perturbation analysis, we can derive a(More)
Facility network transformation (FNT) is a strategic approach involving assessing and optimizing the industrial facility networks such as new site selection, demand forecasting, performance evaluation in banking, retailing, etc. In practice, FNT requirements are often diverse, dynamic and industry specific, it's often difficult to implement a generic FNT(More)
As the competition becomes more and more intense, many retail small store chain operators are eager to know how to evaluate new store locations quantitatively to support a scientific business development decision, e.g. what will be the potential sales of new stores? How will a new store influence other existing stores? In this paper, we propose a novel(More)