Wen-Jong Lin

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Hot embossing process for thermoplastic polymers is one of the manufacturing technologies for microfluidics and optical components. It combines both micro-scale resolution and high throughput. This is a thermal process where a rigid stamp is pressed onto a polymer substrate so that micro-sized features or patterns can be replicated. PolyMethyl-MethAcrylate(More)
Thermally induced deformation has become more of a concern for precision machines as accuracy is getting more stringent. Unlike other indirect drives which are possible to isolate or place rotating motors, which are heat sources, away from the working area. A linear motor is a direct drive system which is heat source and placed near to the working area.(More)
The orifice type of aerostatic bearings have been used for precision machine. However, most of researchers are focus on the dynamic and stability analyses of aerostatic bearings instead of the design and development. This paper provides the basic frame work and the procedure for design and development of aerostatic bearings with the result from the(More)
Stable and clear video imaging system is crucial in various industry applications for monitoring and remote control purposes. Severe vibrations across full spectrum frequencies are inevitable in many industrial operations resulting in shaky and unclear images. It may reduce the response time for operator and also affect the throughput during the production(More)
An automated real-time robotic polishing system (RT-RPS) has been designed specifically for the turbine blade polishing process. The system is equipped with various functional modules such as in-situ measurement, intelligent profile prediction, robust robot path generation and so on. A novel self self-compensating mechanism was also introduced to provide a(More)
Repairing and servicing of aerospace components usually involve tedious work processes and are highly labor-intensive, one typical example is the overhauling of turbine blade. The overhauling process involves reconstruction of the blade tip through cutting off the worn tip and rebuilding it through the welding and finally polishing the welded material to(More)
The execution control of a complex multi-equipment system poses a challenging problem to conventional approaches that adopt centralized or hierarchical architecture. The inherent limitations of such approaches result in less than optimised execution of the overall system. A self-organizing multi equipment control system (SOMEC) is proposed in this research.(More)
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