Wen Jing Zhao

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Chilling stress is a major factor limiting rice production. Rice genotypes differ greatly in their seedling chilling tolerance (CT), which is known to involve differential expression of large numbers of genes and proteins. To further understand the metabolomic responses of rice to chilling stress, profiles of the 106 primary metabolites of a CT japonica(More)
Lactobacillus helveticus H9—a new isolate from Kurut—showed high proteolytic activity and good growth during milk fermentation. To understand the potential relationship between the proteolytic activity and its growth kinetics, the expression of genes coding for its proteolytic system was determined by real-time PCR. The results showed that the optimal(More)
Previous studies have shown that multivesicular bodies (MVBs)/endosomes-mediated vesicular trafficking may play key roles in plant immunity and cell death. However, the molecular regulation is poorly understood in rice. Here we report the identification and characterization of a MVBs-localized AAA ATPase LRD6-6 in rice. Disruption of LRD6-6 leads to(More)
OBJECTIVE CXCR4 is implicated in the growth, metastasis, and angiogenesis of malignant tumors. We investigated the potential role of CXCR4 in human gliomas. METHODS The expression of CXCR4 messenger ribonucleic acid and protein by human glioma cell lines was examined by reverse-transcriptase polymerase chain reaction and immunocytochemistry analysis.(More)
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