Wen-Jie Liu

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2Jiang-Yong Zhang
2Bao-Ping Zhang
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2Xue-Qin Lv
2Xiao-Long Hu
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GaN-based light emitting diodes (LEDs) fabricated on sapphire substrates were successfully transferred onto silicon substrates using a double-transfer technique. Compared with the conventional LEDs on sapphire, the transferred LEDs showed a significant improvement in the light extraction and thermal dissipation, which should be mainly attributed to the(More)
The penetration of mobile phones is nearly saturated in both developing and developed regions. In such a circumstance, how to prevent subscriber churn has become an important issue for today’s telecom operators, as the cost to acquire a new subscriber is much higher than that to retain an existing subscriber. In this paper, we propose to leverage the power(More)
Photoluminescence (PL) spectra were measured as a function of well width (LW) and temperature in ZnO/Mg0.1Zn0.9O single quantum wells (QWs) with graded thickness. The emission linewidth (full width at half maximum) was extracted from the emission spectra, and its variation as a function of LW was studied. The inhomogeneous linewidth obtained at 5 K was(More)
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